Davao City: The Most Livable City in Asia


Posted on 11th November 2012 by hawk in Hawk's Adventure

Davao City is located in Southern Philippines. It is the biggest city is the Philippines when we speak of the land area, commercial trading and population. Davao City has so many things to offer for tourist because it has so many tourist attractions and destinations. Indeed, Davao City has the most number of leading and world class resorts in the Philippines serving a large number of visitors and businessmen travelling to the city.

Pearl Farm Island


Pearl Farm Island is located in the Island Garden City of Samal. It is the most sought destination of tourist because of the finest amenities and delicious food. Pearl Farm has three islands and island transfer is already included in the tour package not to mention the cheap facilities and tour packages. The fine white beach and nature ambiance made this resort very popular to foreigners and even local travellers.

Eden Garden and Nature Park

Eden Garden and Nature Park is located in Eden Bayabas Toril, Davao City approximately 3,000 feet above sea level. This mountain spring resort is amazingly 95% manmade. Eden Garden and Nature Park is a perfect example of man’s effort to recreate and rebuild the rain forest to serve Mother Nature because of increasing commercialization. This resort was discovered sometime in 1970s,  80 hectares of manmade forest in Davao City. As of the present, it is one of the favorite destinations of tourist because of delicious organic vegetables planted in the same vicinity.

Philippine Eagle Research and Nature Center


Philippine Eagle Research and Nature Center is the biggest reserve for Philippines’ most famous endangered monkey eating eagle in a manmade rainforest habitat. This vicinity was organized in 1987 and been operating up to present. It serves as an action center for Philippine Eagle, research center, rehabilitation, and breeding zone. This center is staffed with skillful and dedicated professional to help conserve the Philippines’ national bird.

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